Heartland is a multi-fandom charity zine dedicated to raising funds that will be donated to a verified direct-action charity working with displaced Palestinians.Heartland will be SFW, and all contained works will be centred around the loose themes of hope, perseverance, and home.Anyone 18+ can contribute, and requirements will be minimal.To learn more, please visit our About page.

Please Note: More information will be available post-interest-check.


What charity will the proceeds of the zine go to? How will we know that they've been donated?
The specific charity will be voted on by the contributors during the creation period. The list of potential charities that will be voted on are: Anera, Care for Gaza, eSims for Gaza and Muslim Aid USA. Receipts showing both how much was raised and how much was donated will be shared on all socials as proof of donation.
Will the zine be digital or physical? How much will it cost?
The zine will be digital-only. It will be available on Gumroad as a pay what you want purchase with a $2 minimum.
What will the zine feature?
The zine will feature original work and fanwork in the forms of fic, poetry, illustration, comics, graphics, recipes, activities and more.
What type of content will be allowed? Will there be any restrictions?
The zine will not feature sexually explicit content. This zine is not in support of censorship, and otherwise, there will be no hard-bans on content.
We ask that contributors keep in mind the purpose of the zine and create mindfully. Contributor pitches will be evaluated by the presence of the required themes of hope, perseverance, and home. The zine will feature clear tagging on every work.Who is running this zine? Is there a list of contributors?
The moderator of this zine is Birdie, and a full list of contributors will be available once contributors sign-ups have closed.


Who can contribute?
Anyone 18+
What is the application process? How likely am I to be accepted? How many contributor slots are there?
This zine will have sign-ups rather than applications. Anyone is allowed to join the project as long as they are an adult in support of Palestine. Your work will be required to meet the minimum requirements listed on the sign-up page.
I want to do a joint-work with a friend of mine, is that possible?
Absolutely! As long as both of you fill out the sign-up form, you will be given access to the contributor discord server. Once there, just get in touch with the mod to let them know you'd like to work on a piece together.
Will original content be allowed?
Can I contribute anonymously if I'm concerned about online harassment?
Absolutely! Please get in touch via DMs through either the event socials or the mod's socials.

Have a question not answered here? Ask here! Please keep in mind that some questions will only be able to be answered once the interest check has closed.


Interest CheckDec 21, 2023Jan 10, 2024
Contributor Sign-upsJan 15, 2024Feb 15, 2024
Contributor PitchesFeb 15, 2024Feb 20, 2024
AssignmentsFeb 25, 2024-
1st Check-inMar 25, 2024Mar 30, 2024
2nd Check-inApr 25, 2024Apr 30, 2024
3rd Check-inMay 25, 2024May 30, 2024
Final SubmissionJun 10, 2024Jun 15, 2024
Zine Sales OpenTBA-

Sign-ups open now

MINIMUM REQUIREMENTS18+DiscordEach piece for the zine must be able to fill at least one 2000 x 3000 px page. Contributors are perfectly welcome to submit longer works.Artists: 1 full page illustration or comic. Does not need to be detailed or fully rendered, you're perfectly welcome to submit a sketch collection if that's what you'd like to do.Authors: Approximately 600 - 900 words, depending on your spacing. Poems, there is no min requirement as the formatting is the major determining factor in how much space is needed.Recipes: Anyone who submits a recipe will be asked to provide the ingredient list, the recipe, and a photo of the finished dish/drink/dessert.Activity Pages: Any submitted activities must take up 1 page.Merch Artists: Merchandise artists are welcome to contribute just about anything they can think of! Stickers, prints, digital wallpapers, postcards, emoticons, etc. There is no required size for your work, as it will be in a separate file from the zine.COMMISSION AUCTIONSContributors will also have the option of auctioning off commission slots. In order to do this, we only ask that you provide proof a realistic timeline (feel free to make it a long one, just as long as you're upfront about it) and examples of comparable works to what's being offered.